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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to get partnered?

No copyright strikes. No copyright infringing material on your channel. And no history of botting/spamming is a must.

We do not set exact requirements for partnership, we take working with creators on a case by case basis. Some things we will look at to determine if you're a good fit for our network are:

* Video Quality
* Channel Activity & Upload Consistency
* Audience Interaction (Comments, Ratings, etc.)
* Video Views - (Generally we only work with channels receiving 500+ daily video views (According to, http://YouTube.com/analytics)

Feel free to fill out our partnership application to easily submit your channel for consideration, click here.

I haven’t heard back regarding my application?

We will contact you back if you were accepted into our partnership program. If you were accepted, you will be contact back within one week. If you do not hear back, we suggest to continue bettering your content and growing your channel, once you have done this you can re-submit your channel for partnership consideration.

Can I still be partnered if I have a copyright strike?

Sorry, but we are unable to partner you if you have received a copyright strike on your channel, you maybe able to appeal your copyright strike through YouTube and attempt to have it removed.

There is copyright material on my channel, but I don’t have a copyright strike. Can I be partnered?

If you have any copyright infringing videos that have not received a copyright strike, it is still not your content to be posting and you will not receive partnership. We would strongly suggest taking these videos off of your channel immediately.

I have a community strike on my channel, can I be partnered?

You will need to wait until it expires, community strikes expire automatically after 6 months.

Can I use a bot or view increasing website to generate views or subscribers?

No, this is a violation of YouTube’s policies and can result in the suspension or termination of your account.

What happens if I am partnered and upload copyrighted content?

We take copyright laws very seriously. We do not partner channels with copyright strikes or copyrighted material, therefore if you upload copyrighted material to your channel we reserve the right to terminate your agreement. We do understand that occasionally copyright takedowns are placed incorrectly so we make sure to investigate each strike on a case by case basis.

What type of advertisements will show up on my videos?

You will have access to the full range of YouTube ad units.

Can I become a partner if my AdSense has been disabled?

Unfortunately you cannot be partnered if your Adsense is disabled. There is a chance to appeal with Google AdSense though, click here for more information on that. If your account is re-instated then you may re-apply for our partnership program.
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